WHD.china 世界云计算日 newg.TV专访Daniel Negari .xyz注册局 CEO


  1. Could you introduce about yourself and .xyz registry?(您可以简单介绍您和.xyz注册局吗?)
  1. Why the final decision is to apply. xyz instead of the others New gTLDs ?(当初是如何决定申请.xyz而不是其他的新后缀域?)
  1. As the world’s most successful new gTLDs registrar, could you tell us about the differences between new gTLDs and other gTLDs ?(作为全球最成功的新后缀域注册局,您可以谈谈新后缀域和传统后缀有哪些不同吗?)
  1. How about .xyz’s MIT license ?(.xyz 在工信部的备案进展如何 ?)
  1. What changes have you think about new gTLDs since ICANN opened new gTLDs in 2012 ?(从2012年ICANN开放新后缀域以来,您认为新后缀域给我们带来了什么变化 ?)
  1. Why .car .cars and .auto registration fee and renew fee more than $2000 ?(为什么.car .car .auto注册和续费都要2000美元以上 ?)
  1. We heard that .xyz is attempting to acquire other new gTLDs, how’s it going ?(我们听说.xyz尝试收购其他新后缀域,目前有什进展了吗?)
  1. Could you tell us what businesses are using .xyz ?(您可以介绍一下都有什么企业使用.xyz域名吗 ?)
  1. How do you think about WHD.china ?(您觉得世界云计算日这个会议怎么样 ?)

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