WHD.china 世界云计算日 newg.TV专访Edmon Chung(钟宏安).Asia注册局CEO


  1. Could you introduce about yourself and .asia registry?(您可以简单介绍您和.Asia注册局吗?)
  1. Could you introduce about DOMAINfest Asia ?(今年在香港NameCon和.Asia注册局联合举办了DOMAINfest Asia,您可以介绍一下吗?)
  1. Why the final decision is to apply. xyz instead of the others New gTLDs ?(您可以给我们分享一下.Asia)
  1. Could you talking about .Asia mascot the “Ajitora” ?(可以介绍一下.Asia 注册局的吉祥物“Ajitora”吗?)
  1. What is the use of .Asia in the China market ?(.Asia 在国内市场的应用如何 ?)
  1. How do you think about WHD China ?(您觉得世界云计算日这个会议怎么样 ?)

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